Identity System

print, typography, visual system   |   fall 2015

A stationery system created using expressive typography. 


Expressive typography explorations

Our goal is to express our personality and unique energy through seeing and manipulating type as shapes. I did a range of sketches by hand at first. My tendency to use italics and curve forms was very evident. When translating to an actual typeface, I explored serifs like Bodoni, Didot, Adobe Caslon Pro, as well as slab serifs like Serifa. I was drawn to Bauer Bodoni’s elegant yet playful shapes of the descenders, especially in the letter “J”. 


Color studies

Color studies

Final text styles and color

Final text styles and color

Grid system and color studies

Mixing the italics and bold faces of Bauer Bodoni’s font family, I manipulated type expressively to create a composition with a very strong capital J that was diagonal to the page. This immediately created a very dominant flowline. I played with the curves of the “w”s and “j”s to create a subdominant flowline balancing the heaviness of the J. I used scale to create foreground, middle ground and background. Going off of this dominant and subdominant flowlines, I constructed a diagonal grid and set my personal information on the business cards according to this grid. 

Limited to a palette of only two colors, I chose a combination of bright yellow and blue. My favourite color is yellow, and it speaks a lot about my joyful playful character. To create contrast, I chose a saturated blue that is just as vibrant to balance the warmth of the yellow.

Diagonal grid based off of the dominant and subdominant flowlines. 

Diagonal grid based off of the dominant and subdominant flowlines. 


Business cards composition

Constructing the 12 business cards out of the composition allows me to understand how form works in both macro and micro views, and the importance of contrast and balance, especially with only two colors. 


The complete stationery system

I learnt how to apply a visual style to a system by translating the same aesthetics and energy with type to the envelope, letterhead and postcard. White space is very important to my system because of the vibrance from the colors and energy from the manipulation of type.



Learning outcome

  • Being explorative with type, manipulating type expressively and seeing type as shapes
  • Creating a grid and visual voice and applying it to a complete system, with a balance of consistency and variation to gauge interest
  • Working with compositions as a whole and looking at individual crops, viewing images in both macro and micro views