collection of motion work   |   fall 2014 - fall 2016



Visualizing rhythm through motion, imagery and sound


Visual interpretation of Na Kim’s design works

Translation and reinterpretation of visual parameters extrapolated from designer Na Kim's works into motion, and exploration of how they compose 5 of her works, and how they can transition into each other. 


Na Kim:


10 seconds — Architecture

Images and sounds in 10 seconds, with the prompt "Architecture"


A pile of stuff — Type in motion

Visualizing voices through setting type in motion


An introduction

Introducing a friend


Carbone & Smolan

An animation introducing the famous designers, Ken Carbone and Leslie Smolan and their work.



An animation on the typeface Haettenschweiller.

To capture the essence and flavor of the typeface Haettenschweiller through placing letters in a grid and putting them into motion. As I move my eyes across the heavy vertical strokes and narrow counts of the typeface, I am reminded of the experience of navigating through a bustling city. 


I set the letters in grids to study the form of the characters and explore how letters of the alphabat Haettenschweiller interact with each other.